‘Gray divorce’ growing increasingly common among Ohio seniors

Five or six decades ago, a marriage was seen as a means to an end, a way to fulfill traditional roles. If a husband and wife performed those roles well, the marriage was considered to be a success. But then the 1970s hit, bringing with it a shift toward more personal fulfillment and happiness in life and marriage. As a result, the divorce rate began to rise as both men and women realized that they wanted more out of life than their current marriage could provide.

Although the divorce rate has stabilized in recent years, there is one interesting trend that has surprised some family law attorneys and analysts: the increase in divorce filings made by people in their 50s, 60s and beyond. Studies show that the divorce rate for people over the age of 50 has doubled in the last 20 years, and sociologists expect the trend to continue in the coming years.

There are many reasons for the increase in ‘gray divorce.’ First, people are healthier, living longer, and looking and feeling younger. As a result, the shift to an ’empty nest’ household no longer means that they are nearing the end of their lives. On the contrary, after the last child leaves home, spouses are looking around and realizing that they do not want to spend the next 20 or years with this person, in this marriage.

In addition, the increase may also be attributed to a shift in social norms and avoid wills and trusts planning DC. Women are increasingly financially independent, and divorce on the whole is more socially accepted, giving spouses of both genders the freedom to leave an unhappy marriage.



Lawsuit for Lost Baby

Nothing can compensate a parent for the loss of a child. A case outside of Oregon shows that juries can be sensitive to the pain and suffering caused by a doctor’s mistake.

The young mother says she was about 24 weeks pregnant when she started bleeding. Earlier in the pregnancy, her doctor had used a cerclage to keep her cervix closed. On this day, the doctor gave her the worst news of all: Her baby probably wouldn’t make it.

As she cried, she didn’t notice anything. But then she coughed, and she realized the baby was on its way, and it was breech.
The parties disagreed on what happened next. During the trial of her two physicians, the nurses who attended her that day and the hospital, the plaintiff told the jury that she rang for nurses, but no one came. When the doctor arrived, no one shielded her view as they tended to the baby.
The doctors pulled on the baby, but nothing went well. During the delivery, the baby’s head was severed.

The plaintiff said the doctor did not remove the cerclage; the shoelace-like instrument wrapped around the baby’s neck, strangling and then decapitating him.

The defendants responded that the cerclage was removed and that the scenario as described by the plaintiff was physically impossible. They also maintained that the plaintiff was just 21-weeks pregnant. Because no one could have anticipated the situation, no one thought to shield the mother’s view, they continued. Draping is no longer routine in deliveries.
Nonetheless, the plaintiff has suffered panic attacks, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder since that day. The impact on her life has been enormous, she said. She even abandoned a career working with children as a result of the incident.

The $1.4 million was far short of the $18 million she asked for (as  houston, tx car accident lawyers could attest), but the money “will help her for the rest of her life,” said her workers comp attorney.

Reasonable Debt Collection Practices Act

The Law Heart in Florida delivers assistance and appropriate representation to Florida buyers working with debt debt collectors. We realize during tough fiscal moments some of the persons that are most accountable and people or / are coping with layoffs high-credit card interest rates and consequently become behind on payments due. Although striving to have finances so as, are coping with scavenger debt collectors who would like their income TODAY!

Because you have rights also take a strong breathing! If your bill collector calls you about demands transaction and delinquent debt, make sure you protect your privileges. Thirdparty debt collections agencies, along with, their debt collection attorney are ruled from the Reasonable Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPC) and also this work protects you, the buyer.

Most of the time, loan companies don’t follow the guidelines set up to safeguard consumer rights against debt collection methods that are illegal. Unlawful debt-collection ways include but not restricted to misrepresentation of agency (saying they are the initial banker when infact they are not), disappointment to offer documentation and paperwork to confirm you own your debt when questioned, and abusive and harassing phone calls demanding fee. When a thirdparty collections company doesn’t follow by these guidelines, they might be prone to you for problems cause by their unlawful strategies.

If you were to think you’re being stressed by a debt collector or feel they’ve smashed the laws beneath the Fair Debt Collection Methods Regulation in anyway, contact the Florida Consumer Center. Deliver the illegal selection sector strategies and we’re here to safeguard your privileges from scavenger collectors.

Lenient Child Seat Laws

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the state of Florida has some of the nation’s most lenient child-seat laws. These laws put children at risk for serious injury in Florida if a car accident were to occur, according to the agency and https://bakerlegalteam.com/.

Currently, Florida only requires child safety restraints to be used for children up to the age of three. Under these current laws, the agency argues that thousands of children in Florida between the age of four and eight that are riding in motor vehicles on the state’s roadways are being exposed to an “unnecessary risk” of injury or even death in a car crash. Some of them happen in Pompano Beach, where a Pompano Beach car accident lawyer would be helpful.

Last week, the NTSB cited Florida as one of 21 states, plus two territories, not currently meeting the agency’s 1996 recommendations on child safety restraints. The agency’s recommendation was that all children up to the age of eight, not three, be covered by state’s child safety restraint laws. However, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles does require children ages 4 and 5 to be “secured by either a federally approved child-restraint seat or a safety belt,” and all children under 18 to be buckled up at all times no matter where they are sitting.
NTSB called on the 23 legislatures to pass laws by next year that meet or exceed the NTSB guidelines, as eight states did in 2009. The chairwoman of the NTSB, Deborah A.P. Hersman, commented that “this action is critical if we are serious about keeping our youngest travelers safe on the roadways.”

Selecting a Mediation or an Arbitration Service

Selecting for an Orlando mediation service has its edges. In lots of situations the arbitration process is an ideal conflict resolution process that gives the opportunity to talk about two participants’ problems, clarify mistakes, find common ground, and prevent the repercussions that come with litigations to they. To better understand the goals of arbitration, as we at https://www.marketmymarket.com/ have done. here are some advantages of solving your problem with the help of a Mediator:

— Arbitration is Quicker
The mediation process typically lasts a few weeks or several days, based on the individual case, and dilemmas are solved fast. Lawsuits might take months or even years to resolve and can be complex.

— Mediation is Affordable
Depending on the individual case, mediation services may be significantly or marginally more affordable than a litigation that is typical. Those of attorneys are not normally much less than the service charges of mediators, and you’ll be paying for arbitration services for less time than you’d with legal services, because the process is faster with arbitration.

— Mediation is Informal
In an everyday setting, participants will be much more prone to achieve an understanding than in a courtroom with a number of rules and procedures meant to divide both parties. In a mediation settling, participants focus on the matters which might be a priority and can discuss issues more liberally.

— Mediation is Secret
In court, an array of different legal representatives, lawyers, or witnesses may accompanies participants looking to resolve an issue. Mediation, nevertheless, is secret and private, and documents or other evidence aren’t a necessary element of the process.

— Arbitration Returns Results
The mixture of edges and gains that are provided by mediation lead to it having an improved result and improved resolution speed from a traditional suit. Parties are normally more satisfied with arbitration as the settlement is mutually decided, and compliance is a lot greater in arbitration than in procedures affecting lawsuits.

— Arbitration is better for Relationships
This is because mediation is a collaborative rather than a procedure that is competitive, making knowledge and consideration of another man’s side more likely than in a litigation.