Protecting your Rights after a Car Accident

There you are in the middle of visting a law firm website and your world has suddenly been turned upside down. At this time there may be physical injuries. There are certain to be emotional outbursts or even a few irrational thoughts. Here is a short list of things to do any time you become involved in a traffic accident.

Your first thought should be to make sure that all of the people are safe. Even the ones in other cars should be asked if they are hurt. You might need to render first aid to any who are injured.

Call for assistance. You can call 911 or phone the highway patrol or nearest police department. Use your mobile phone or ask someone else to make this call.

Do not leave the site of the accident. You may have to move the cars (if possible) but you do need to stay and talk with the law enforcement officers as soon as they arrive on the scene.

Gather your insurance and driver’s license information. You can exchange information with the other drivers or just provide it to the law enforcement officers.

Do not make unnecessary statements. Do not admit blame or guilt. Just state the facts. Refrain from discussing the situation with anyone other than the police officials who are there to investigate the accident.

If there are witnesses to the accident you can ask for their names and contact information. If they are willing to volunteer information about what they saw then write down their statements.

Receive any necessary medical attention that is required to treat your injuries.

Call your insurance company. Let them know that you have been involved in a traffic accident.

Take photos of the damage to vehicles or other property. If necessary you can also collect photographs of personal injuries.

If there are any injuries that require medical care you will need to keep records of all doctor visits, hospitilizations and other related expenses.

Contact an attorney who specializes in representing individuals who have been involved in traffic accidents. Discuss the situation with this legal professional and ask if you should be represented. Your attorney will provide with the best possible advice.

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